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I have worked for hundreds if not thousands of companies in my career as a  jobbing designer / website guy and there is one thing that has become very clear to me (and many others):

It’s really only half the battle, especially in today’s market where websites are easier to produce thanks to tools such as WordPress, Tublr or Joomla. If you are selling something whether it is a product or a service you need to have your visitor trust you. Trust is the number one reason behind price as to why someone will buy from you.

Sometimes we don’t go for the lowest priced item even though its cheaper, and why? because of trust, we trust that the premium service/product will work as we wish. Brands such as Kellogg’s for example have built up so much trust that they can sell exactly the same breakfast cereal as other brands but at a higher price. (To note i have no scientific proof that the next statement is correct) For example Shredded Wheat – 100% whole wheat – nothing else added. So there are alternatives, shops own or cheaper brands offering exactly the same product and  a greatly lower price. But still the market share goes to Kellogg’s – and this is all down to trust, it’s a brand we all know and have loved at certain points in our lives.

Well it’s easy for Kellogg’s as they have been around for ages you say . . .

This is true, a household name that has dominated the breakfast cereal market since I can remember. But over time this could be your brand in your specific industry. There is no reason why this shouldn’t happen for you. Now this is where we come around to Trustpilot. Trustpilot is a website that as a customer helps you learn more about the companies and brands you wish to do business with, read reviews and concerns of other past customers who have left a rating. As a business this reviews and ratings gateway really opens you up to receive feedback from your customers that otherwise you would have not had.

I speak to so many clients past and present and ask if they collect feedback from their customers – amazingly probably about 90% of them don’t! It’s incredible, especially when you see that sites like Amazon were built on this very feedback. Many come back with the argument of “What if we get negative feedback!” – easy answer – change your service, provide for your customers needs. By asking the very people who fund your business you will directly be able to learn what they love about you, how the perceive your business and to me more importantly where are the areas that you need improve. We all know what we do right but really do we ever like to admit where were getting it wrong? how would we even know without collecting feedback.

How to collect feedback and an alternative to Trustpilot

Trustpilot is a great site that allows you to collect data from your customers via high tech API’s, web banners and email triggering from when a purchase is made on your site. It really is the current market leader and you will have seen its logo all over the place whilst shopping online. But for a smaller business it can be a little . . . overkill perhaps, when all you want to do is get the views of others there are a few things you can do.

Email your customers
Drop a friendly hello and see what they have to say about you

Do a satisfaction survey
You can always fall back to this one but yes I know the thought of it is already boring your pants off

Phone Around
Got some numbers? why not make some courtesy calls, of course the problem being that they wont answer their mobile to a business number and they probably wont interact via phone as they were an online customer who likes to hide behind the web and emails.

Alternative to Trustpilot
There are other sites out there that allow you to collect reviews but without the technical barrier ad also without the hefty price tag. is a site and service that will do exactly that for you. Super simple signup and at a price-point that wont make your eyes bleed. And best of all all you need to do is share your URL via your social channels and in order confirmation emails and your golden!

So how do you build trust? 
You ask for feedback and then you act on that feedback. Constantly improve your service and be known as the best. Collecting reviews will help you build a layer of trust and also allow others to see what your happy customers are saying.

Step by step forms

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Step by step form gallery

step by step form designs, the best examples that I could find as travelling around the internet looking for step by step forms